Future of Life Institute open letter for the inclusion of GPAI in the scope

October 25, 2022

The Future of Life Institute published an open letter on general purpose AI systems in the AI Act. In this letter 10 civil society organizations (including EDRi, Access Now and Bits of Freedom) argue for ex-ante obligations in the AI Act on the providers of general purpose AI systems:

In this context, it is crucial that the responsibility to comply with the obligations of the AI Act be shared between the providers (developers) and the users (deployers) according to their level of control, resources and capabilities.

There are only a handful of providers of GPAIS who are all very well-resourced with huge computational capabilities and who employ the world’s best AI researchers. A single GPAIS can be used as the foundation for several hundred applied models (e.g. chatbots, ad generation, decision assistants, spambots, translation, etc.) and any failure present in the foundation will be present in the downstream uses.

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