An Open Future

We need to launch a mission to make the internet open.

We are the Open Future, and we believe that an open internet is possible. One that maximizes societal benefits of shared data, knowledge and culture.

At Open Future, we explore challenges that the digital world faces not just right now, but also in the years to come. We do this in order to design public policies and civil society strategies that can start addressing these challenges today.

We are a new organization, yet founded by people active in the open movement for the last two decades. We combine our experience with a new perspective and energy to advocate for the public good.

With the open movement we are reimagining openness anew, and advancing it in European digital policy debate. Our current work focuses on advancing Digital Public Spaces and designing the Future of Open.

Shared Digital Europe

We shape today’s digital policies with tomorrow’s
challenges in mind.

Europe has a duty to keep the internet open. To rebuild it, so that it is a public place offering alternatives to the logic of profit. A space governed by equal opportunities, democratic access to information and respect for fundamental rights.

We put our knowledge and experience to work along public institutions and civil society to ensure that the principle of openness is reflected in the European Union’s digital policies.

The New Open

We believe in openness, but it needs to be imagined

Today we face the Paradox of Open: openness increasingly functions as not just a challenge to concentrations of power, but also their enabler.

We nevertheless believe that open sharing and the Commons still hold great promise. We only need to imagine open anew, an open that is resilient against abuse and unintended externalities. For this, we will find shared perspectives between advocates of openness and defenders of privacy and other fundamental rights


We are a small and dedicated team of advocates, researchers and community builders working to make the internet open.
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We are committed to advance openness, transparency and good governance.

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We work through networks and in partnerships.

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