Kasia Fantoni

Policy & Communications Officer
Image by: Giorgos Gripeos
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About Kasia

Kasia is the Policy Officer at Open Future. She is a skilled Public Affairs and Communications professional with experience in coordinating cross-discipline, multi-stakeholder international projects.

With an academic background in Media, Economics and International Law, Kasia has a broad understanding of the EU policies in the SDGs area.

Prior to joining Open Future, Kasia worked as an EU Public Affairs and Communications Specialist at the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, where she was responsible for the communications strategy within different EU initiatives and she engaged in several policy areas to support the EU policymakers for evidence-based policy.

Before moving to the Netherlands in late 2018, in Italy, she worked as a Project Officer at the Global Campus of Human Rights and at the Osservatorio sulla Ndrangheta.

In her free time, Kasia dances, practices yoga and travels (or plans to do so).


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