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Open Future Fellow 2023
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Krzysztof was a 2023 Fellow at Open Future. He is a Doctor of Law, mediator, and legal counsel specializing in legal issues concerning information processing. During his engagements as an academic as well as a legal counsel, he researched and advised on regulations addressing the freedom and interoperability of IT to safeguard the public interest. For the last 5 years Krzysztof worked as a Project Coordinator at the University of Warsaw’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, where he coordinated the development and launch of a new version of the Library of Science, the largest Polish collection of Open Access scientific publications.

Krzysztof was responsible for the preparation of 4 editions of the international CopyCamp Warsaw conference on social and economic aspects of copyright law, organized annually by the Modern Poland Foundation with a focus on bringing more communication and mutual understanding into the copyright debate. As the Creative Commons Poland Legal Lead, he prepared the Polish implementation of CC 3.0 licenses.  His publications include articles and chapters on legal issues of Open Science, balancing of copyright law, reuse of public sector information, the enforceability of open licenses, openness obligations in public procurement for IT systems.

During his fellowship, Krzysztof looked into the regulatory requirements and potential challenges of establishing a European Public Digital Infrastructure Fund. He scrutinized the legal obligations related to interoperability, data portability, and access to IT facilities and services, among other things. He will investigate how laws safeguarding equal and fair competition can be leveraged to establish the Fund.


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