Future of Open Sessions at CC Global Summit 2021

September 20, 2021

The CC Global Summit is among the events that create the beat of the Open Movement. In this 2021 Summit edition we teamed up with Library Futures, Wikimedia and Invest in Open for a series of interrelated conversations about the Future of Open.

The series started with the session “Equitable Access is the Future: New Challenges and Opportunities in the Open Movement” on 20 September, in which we explored ways to support a community of practice among the big Open Movement with Kaitlin Thaney (Invest in Open) and Jennie Rose Halperin (Library Futures).

On 21 September we presented our highlights on the Paradox of Open to discuss the role of openness as a challenge to the concentration of power and its enabler in the digital space with participants.

On 23 September, we investigated the relationship between Open and the crisis of control over creative freedom together with Anna Mazgal (Wikimedia).

What stood out for us from this series of conversations – and from the Summit in general – is that the grand narratives woven overlap with the areas of inquiry that we at Open Future have decided to focus on and that there is energy to address them together.

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