BSA publishes open letter on GPAI

September 27, 2022

In an open letter published by the Business Software Alliance, ten European software industry associations call on the EU to exclude General Purpose AI from the scope of the AI Act, describing plans to include it as a “fundamental departure from its original objective” and saying that it could stifle innovation and hit the open source community. On the last point they argue that including GPAI in the scope of the act would

Severely impact open-source development in Europe. The French Presidency’s proposal would require open-source developers of General Purpose AI and tools to comply with the AI Act at all phases of development, regardless of market placement and risk definition. In addition, the entities and individuals responsible for compliance would include all those involved in developing code that may eventually lead to a General Purpose AI or tool. This would severely impact and disincentivize the development of open-source software and AI in Europe.

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