DE, DK, FI, EE letter on digital sovereignty

March 1, 2021

Germany, Finland, Denmark and Estonia send a letter to Ursula von der Leyen stressing the importance of Europe’s digital sovereignty. The letter concludes by stating:

The European Commission should develop an action plan for greater digital sovereignty on this basis, ideally as part of its initiative announced for March 2021 on Europe’s Digital Decade. In order to ensure that critical dependencies do not become entrenched, a set of immediate measures should be defined in this plan to enable the European Union to become digitally sovereign in critical areas. […] Digital transformation is one of the greatest opportunities and challenges for Europe’s future, and it must be of help to people, our societies and our economy. As Europeans, we aspire to continue asserting our democratic values and rules in the digital era at home and abroad. At the same time, we want to participate in digital value-added, thus safeguarding future prosperity in the European Union and moving our societies into the digital age. This can only be achieved if we follow a coherent path towards digital sovereignty – self-determined and open.

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