Mozilla position paper on AI Act and GPAI

November 9, 2022

The Mozilla Foundation publishes a policy brief on how the EU can take on “general-purpose AI” in the AI Act that argues for “accounting for the special nature of open source and ensuring that the AI Act contributes to building a vibrant open source AI ecosystem and enables important research into GPAI.” To achieve this the authors suggest that…

… the AI Act should not actively discourage the release of open source GPAI. Instead it should take a proportionate approach that considers both the special nature of the open source ecosystem as well as the fact that open source GPAI is released with more information than its proprietary equivalent, along with, for example, better means to validate provided information and test the capabilities of GPAI models. GPAI released open source and not as a commercial service should therefore be excluded from the scope of the approach outlined above if the information necessary for compliance is made available to downstream actors. This could contribute to fostering a vibrant open source AI ecosystem, more downstream innovation, and important safety and security research on GPAI.

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