We submit our input to the public consultation on European digital principles. We express support for the Commission’s initiative to include a set of digital principles as a key part of the European digital strategy. However, we observe a lack of reference to the European digital society as the proposal is still largely framed in market terms. In this light, we propose the “Vision for a Shared Digital Europe” policy framework which lays the foundation for a more equitable and democratic digital environment, where basic liberties and rights are protected, where strong public institutions function in the public interest, and where people have a say in how their digital environment functions. At the heart of this vision are four policy principles: Enable Self-Determination, Cultivate the Commons, Decentralize Infrastructure and Empower Public Institutions. These principles can contribute to creating a European digital space that embodies our values: strong public institutions, democratic governance, sovereignty of communities and people, diversity of cultures, and equality and justice.