Our response to the European Commission’s digital infrastructure consultation

July 1, 2024

Yesterday we submitted our response to the European Commission’s public consultation on its February 2024 White Paper “How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?”. The White Paper, which describes the European Commission’s vision for the development of digital infrastructure in Europe is widely regarded as an attempt by the Commission to prop-up the European Telecom sector vis a vis the US Big Tech companies.

The overall assessment, that further investment in digital infrastructure is necessary, is correct. Nevertheless, much of the analysis underpinning the White Paper (and consequently most of the policy options identified therein) are flawed and fail to address Europe’s real digital infrastructure needs. Our response argues for the need to invest in Public Digital Infrastructure that is designed to protect digital rights and to promote democratic norms and values.

You can read our consultation response here (and the 355 others here).

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