The Dutch government is concerned over ASML’s potential relocation

March 12, 2024

The Dutch government is reportedly alarmed by the possibility that ASML will move its operations out of the country due to concerns over restrictive immigration policies.

ASML is the exclusive producer of crucial equipment required for building chips that are the foundational hardware for processing vast amounts of data and executing complex algorithms.

The company is said to be concerned about its ability to attract and retain skilled personnel under new immigration rules. In addition, issues such as electricity grid congestion and environmental regulations are also influencing ASML’s thinking.

News about ASML serves as a good reminder of the key role of infrastructure in AI development and the fact that currently, a handful of companies play the role of “checkpoints” in the AI ecosystem. It also points to the intersection of digital and environmental policies, an aspect that, up until recently, has not been given too much attention. However, with the rise of AI the environmental costs of digital technologies become difficult to ignore.

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