Policy Observatory

Tracking legislation that shapes an open digital Europe

Through our policy observatory, we track the policy files that have the potential to advance openness and to contribute to a digital public space maximizing the societal benefits of shared data, knowledge and culture.

For each of the policy files that we track here, we provide an up-to-date timeline of the most important legislative developments, that we enrich with our own analysis, opinions, publications and events as well as noteworthy positions by other stakeholders. Over time, the observatory files grow to provide a historical archive of the policies as they take shape.

Data Act
Observatory tracking the legislative development of the proposal for a Data Act that was presented by the European Commission on 23 February 2022. The proposed Data Act provides opportunities to improve the conditions for building data commons and to improve the use of data for the public good.
Digital Decade
Observatory tracking the various elements of the European Commission's Digital Decade strategy with a focus on the discussions about the development of the underlying rights and principles for a European Digital Public Space.
Data Governance Act
The observatory provides a historical archive of the legislative process of the Data Governance Act, from the Commission's proposal in November 2020 to the text adopted by the EU in May 2022.