Open Future Annual Report 2022

January 27, 2023

Today we are publishing our 2022 Annual Report that covers our activities between 1 January and 31 December 2022, our second full year of operation. Originally produced for the Arcadia Fund as part of our regular reporting, we are also publishing it here as part of our commitment to openness and transparency.

The report provides a detailed account of our organizational strategy, including our three core objectives and achievements in each area, as well as insights into the development – and refinement – of our strategy.

Highlights of our work over the past year include our advocacy work to advance the digital public sphere, which resulted in the inclusion of some of the core concepts and narratives we advocated in the European Declaration of Digital Rights and Principles, and culminated in the publication of the draft White Paper on a European Public Digital Infrastructure Fund.

Another highlight will be our exploration of key issues and challenges for openness, such as the ongoing discussion on the Paradox of Open within the Open Movement, which will be further stimulated by the publication of Paradox of Open: Responses in late 2022; and our AI_Commons research on the use of openly licensed photographs of faces to train AI facial recognition systems.

Finally, our efforts to promote the concept of the public data commons resulted in the publication of a framework for B2G data sharing in the public interest, which has had a significant impact on discussions around the B2G data sharing provisions of the Data Act.

In 2022, we successfully proposed a series of narratives and proposals that have resonated both in European policy debates and among activists. Through these efforts, we are fulfilling our role as a think tank for the Open Movement, while following our mission statement. We would like to thank all our funders (in addition to the Arcadia Fund, we have received contributions from the Open Society Foundations) and look forward to continuing our work for a more open future in the years to come.


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