Introducing our Policy Observatory

Tracking policy files to advance openness and contribute to a digital public space
March 15, 2022

Today we are launching the Open Future Policy Observatory, starting with an observatory on the recently proposed Data Act. Through our policy observatory, we will track the policy files that have the potential to advance openness and contribute to a digital public space maximizing the societal benefits of shared data, knowledge and culture.

For each of the policy files that we track, we provide an up-to-date timeline of the most important legislative developments, enriched with our own analysis, opinions, publications and events, as well as noteworthy positions by other stakeholders that define the policy discourse.

The policy observatories are both highlighting the current state of a legislative process and understanding its evolution over time. As policy files advance through the legislative process, the observatory files will grow to provide a historical archive of the policies as they take shape. Each policy observatory lives on its own web page and all information is also made available via a dedicated RSS feed.

The first observatory that we are launching today tracks the proposal for a Data Act that was presented by the European Commission. The observatory goes back to early 2021 when the Commission presented the inception impact assessment that outlined the initial plans for the proposed act.

Over the next weeks, we will add an observatory tracking the legislative history of the Data Governance Act and another one that tracks the implementation of the European Commission’s Digital Decade strategy and we are planning to expand the observatory further as new policy files come into view. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or feedback on the policy observatory.

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