Open Future Salon #2. Launch of Paradox of Open: Responses

November 30, 2022


On 30 November at 17:00 CET (16:00 UTC), we hosted an Open Future Salon to launch the online anthology Paradox of Open: Responses.

Our guest speakers were Prof. James Boyle from Duke University, a leading scholar working on issues related to the Public Domain, and Anna Mazgal, Senior Policy Advisor at Wikimedia Europe and an advocate for openness and digital rights. Both of them are contributors to the publication.

The Paradox of Open is at the heart of our work, and over the last year, we have been holding conversations on what the paradox means and how to address it. We also asked leaders and experts from the broad open movement to respond to the essay.

Our online anthology includes the responses from James BoyleAnna Mazgal, Zuzanna WarsoBalász BodóJeni Tennison, Leonhard Dobosch, Carolina Botero, and Derek Slater

The essays tackle the paradox from multiple perspectives, looking at such issues as risks of underestimating openness, public memory, creative communities, social justice in the context of open, web3, and the legacy – and continuation – of the copyright wars.