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March 28, 2024

Today, we share a zine on AI designed for artists by Nadia Nadesan, a 2023 Open Future fellow and a technologist working at the intersection of ethical tech, commons, public space, and more transparent and accountable governance.

The genesis of this work comes from Nadia’s aspiration to create more accessible resources and texts that explain the mechanics of generative AI and encourage critical thinking about the narratives and implications surrounding AI in the arts:

The landscape of the arts and creative industries has changed because of AI. The proliferation of flashy advertisements and sensational claims about its effects are everywhere with AI corporations constantly competing for our attention. The goal of this publication is to assist individuals and groups in navigating these changes, whether it’s gaining a renewed understanding of the value of their work or adapting their practices.

Nadia’s intention is to underscore the significance of human labor and demonstrate how it remains integral amidst seemingly automated interactions with AI. Presented as a printable zine, this resource allows readers to engage with the material at their own pace, free from the constant influx of internet information. Hopefully, as a result of reading this zine, instead of solely focusing on hacking or upskilling, artists can get a better idea of what AI literacy is and make informed decisions about the influence of AI in their work, artistic lives, and practices.


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You can read more about Nadia and learn about our fellowship program here.

Nadia Nadesan
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