Open Movement

Exploring open activism at a turning point

Over the past twenty years, the open movement has strived for a more democratic digital future. It has been a driving force behind numerous initiatives contributing to the democratization of knowledge and information. Wikipedia and the widespread adoption of open access in scientific research are shining examples of such endeavors resulting in immense benefits that extend to all of us.

At Open Future, one of our primary objectives is to make sense of the openness, the paradoxes it gives rise to, and the movement that champions this principle.

In our work, we seek to gain insights into how the accomplishments of the past two decades can be nurtured and preserved while also identifying new emerging issues and challenges and delving into the complexities surrounding openness and power imbalances.

To achieve these goals, it is crucial to not only grasp the meaning and the challenges to openness in different contexts but also to better understand its proponents. Who constitutes this movement, and how is it structured? What are its goals and strategies?

In order to answer these questions, we are engaging with the open movement and conducting action research. The outcomes of our activities are presented in this section.