Open Future Sessions Season 2: Conversation of the openness of today and tomorrow

September 15, 2021

What is the value of openness, twenty years since key ways of doing things in the open were established? Where are we going and is Open still fit to meet the challenges of today’s internet, and modern digital societies? How can we imagine the new Open?

These are among the questions that drive our work at Open Future. And in order to answer some of them, we’ve been running the Open Future Sessions – meetings of thought leaders from the Open Movement. During each session, we invited guests to share with us their ideas about openness, the challenges that we face, and ways of overcoming them.

Starting from September 2021, and taking place on a monthly basis until June 2022, Season 2 of the Open Future Sessions has been a place of exchange and confrontation for us and our convenes, in which we discussed the most pressing challenges that the open movement faces today, and the best practices that have arisen in recent times.

While the Sessions themselves were by invitation only, we have been publishing a summary of each conversation. Together they give a view of ways in which Open Movement leaders are exploring new directions for Open, and solving challenges along the way. 

  1. A game with many winners? – A conversation with Brewster Kahle, September 2021
  2. Wikimedia Enterprise – A new part of free knowledge infrastructure, October 2021
  3. Building a Social Knowledge Economy in Ecuador – A conversation with Andrés Arauz, December 2021
  4. Open Source is unavoidable: Open source policies and digital sovereignty – A conversation with Mike Lynksvayer, January 2022
  5. We need to be democratic first, and then open – A conversation with Olivier Schulbaum, February 2022
  6. Care, not extraction – A conversation with Anna Mazgal and Alejandro Majoral, March 2022
  7. Open Climate: an opportunity for the open movement to reimagine itself – A conversation with the Open Climate Community, April 2022
  8. Developing, Maintaining and Caring for new structures – A conversation with Julia Kloiber, May 2022
  9. The Paradox of the State and the Commons – A conversation with Sébastien Shulz, June 2022
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