November 18, 2022

AI_Commons roundtable on open licensing and AI datasets

On Friday, 18 November, we organized an in-person AI_Commons roundtable together with Creative Commons.
October 15, 2022

Discussing Democratic Data Governance with RadicalxChange in Poland

RadicalxChange organized gatherings on 15-16 October in Lodz and on 18 October in Warsaw to explore pioneering digital democracy practices. Alek joined both of them, focusing on democratic data governance.
June 24, 2022

AI Infrastructures for Civil Society and the Arts

On Friday 24 June we participated in a Workshop on AI Infrastructures for Civil Society and the Arts organized by the Hardware Medienkunst Verein. Paul's intervention was centered on the possibility of Common Data Spaces that can nurture artistic practices and civil society activism. 
June 23, 2022

Open Future Salon #1: Introducing the Public Data Commons. B2G data sharing in the public interest

On 23 June, we organized our first Salon to present our proposal for a data governance framework that ensures broader B2G data sharing in the public interest, and discuss its implementation.
June 21, 2022

Data Act: in-between policy and practice

On 21 June, we organized a panel discussion titled “Data Act: in-between policy and practice”, at the 2022 MyData Summit in Helsinki. The session provided a forum for an exchange of perspectives on the Data Act from public, private and civil society representatives.
May 25, 2022

Is a EU data strategy balancing economic efficiency and fundamental rights possible?

On 25 May at the CPDP Annual conference, we co-organized a panel to discuss what are the potential points of conflict between economic growth from data and fundamental rights values within the European data governance framework.
May 17, 2022

The EU digital strategy: how it started, how it’s going and what is missing

On 17 May 2022, at PublicSpace Conference #2, Open Future hosted a session on the state of affairs of EU digital policy-making halfway through the term of the current European Commission.
March 22, 2022

A conversation about Inter­operability and building digital public spaces

On 22 March at 15 CET Alek discussed with Sophie Bloemen, Amandine Le Pape and Ian Brown the role that interoperability can play in a transformation of the digital environment towards more public-civic spaces.
March 7, 2022

Mozilla Festival 2022: Exploring Design solutions for AI_Commons

On Monday 7 March at 19:00 CET, Francesco and Aniek Kempeneers co-hosted a session dedicated to AI_Commons at Mozilla Festival 2022.
November 18, 2021

MyData in the Netherlands

At MyData in the Netherlands, we co-hosted with Waag the workshop: "A closer look at data governance and the European data strategy: the Data Governance Act & the Data Act", during which we analyzed the EC's Inception Impact Assessment Document.
November 17, 2021

Policy Forum: Initiative for European Public Space

Public conversation: How can EU policy foster digital European public spaces?
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