#data commons

The Data Commons is our vision of data governance that advances commons-based approaches: those that are based not on private control but collective stewardship and public interest.

The Data Commons approach seeks to address power imbalances between data subjects and entities that hold and use the data. It aims at maximizing societal value of data, instead of simply maximizing the volume and intensity of data use.

Our goal is to support the development of policies that support this vision. The creation of the Data Commons will be enabled by policies that support data use in the public interest, so that society-wide and not just private benefits are obtained. This includes the need for governance models where users’ privacy and data protection are safeguarded while data can be used, and generate value.

Our Data Commons work focuses on policies that fall under the current European Strategy for Data. We advocate for public interest provisions in policy files like the Data Governance Act and the Data Act.



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