#digital public space

Our goal is to advance policies that re-design the internet as a public space. Seeing it as a Digital Public Space can become the foundation for creating an online environment that is not driven purely by commercial logic.

The digital space is not just a marketplace but our whole society experiencing a digital transformation. It should not be reduced to a space where only market dynamics rule. Unfortunately, European digital policies are still based on this basic policy vision, introduced over a decade ago. Instead, we need to design an internet where we can exercise our rights as citizens.

Europe’s digital ambition must reach beyond the role of a global regulator. It is not enough to aspire to regulate Big Tech, we must also actively build alternatives and design ecosystems that support them. A European Digital Public Space, built on democratic values and public digital infrastructures, can be the cornerstone of such an ecosystem.



Interoperability with a Purpose

December 14, 2020 by: Alek Tarkowski et al.
Interoperability is a key step to fix the internet and to build digital public infrastructures. Interoperability has arrived on the policy agenda, where it is widely expected that the European Union’s upcoming Digital Services Act contains at least some interoperability measures for so-called gatekeeper platforms.