#future of open

Our goal is for the Open Movement to develop a new, collective strategy. One that takes into account the experience of the last two decades of open, and the changes in the digital ecosystem that have happened in this period.

The new strategy should leverage the principle of openness to design and build systems that maximize the societal benefits of digital resources while avoiding harm. Doing this requires acknowledging that, in some cases, openness serves to strengthen power imbalances and is thus not emancipatory in itself.

The idea of Open Access and free reuse of knowledge and culture continues to be one of the most powerful challenges to the exclusive control by corporations and states over information goods. And openness is a principle on which a vision of a more just and egalitarian digital society can be built.

It is time to define once again what Open means: the normative vision behind sharing and the way value is created. We are doing this work through sensemaking and building new narratives about Open.



Will financialization of the music industry kill the Public Domain?

December 22, 2021 by: Paul Keller
The financial valuations of major recording artists' catalogs are going through the roof, with Bruce Springsteen's right having recently been sold for more than half a billion dollars. One consequence of the ongoing financialization of the music copyright may very well be further pressure on the public domain.

Citizens want open policies

December 13, 2021 by: Francesco Vogelezang
As the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) enters into its next phase with the launch of national and European citizens’ panels, it's time to take stock of the initiative to see how it allows civic perspective to influence policy discussions.

Wikimedia Enterprise

October 27, 2021 by: Open Future
In conversation with Lyam Wyatt and Lane Becker about Wikimedia Enterprise the paid service targeted at commercial users of Wikimedia that was launched on the 26th of October by the Wikimedia Foundation.

A Game with Many Winners?

October 7, 2021 by: Open Future
In conversation with Brewster Kahle, the Founder and Digital Librarian of the Internet Archive on the value of openness, twenty years since key ways of doing things in the open were established.

The Conference on the Future of Europe

May 27, 2021 by: Alek Tarkowski et al.
The Conference on the Future of Europe–CoFoE–represents an unprecedented democratic exercise bringing mass citizen participation through digital platforms. The Open Movement and other activist organizations should use this opportunity to shape future EU policies.


April 29, 2021 by: Francesco Vogelezang et al.
Openly licensed photographs of faces have been broadly used for the training of AI facial recognition systems. This is widely presented as an example of corporate extraction of value from the commons, yet no policy or governance solution has been provided to this challenge.

Press release: Open Future Foundation

March 5, 2021 by: Open Future
Today the Open Future Foundation, a new think tank for the open movement, has launched. Open Future’s goal is to strengthen the European advocacy efforts conducted by organisations advocating for open access to knowledge and culture and to ensure that the principles of this open movement are reflected in the European Union’s digital policy framework.